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Glaucoma always rings twice....

Glaucoma always rings twice...July 2015.

Once glaucoma develops in one eye, it is usually 8 months to 2 yrs when it affects the other eye.

Sadly, when the onset hit Sophie's RIGHT eye in Nov 2014, it blinded her in that eye. 

She and I have barely recovered from that and on July 5th 2015, her LEFT eye started!!

We spent the night in the ER for treatments until Monday 7/6 when the eye specialist could see her. Sophie again had to have immediate surgery. Because Sophie is down to one eye the Dr wanted to do a much more invasive surgery but unfortunately while she was attempting to do that the cloudiness in Sophie's eye would not allow her to do the first choice surgery so she had to do a plan B, which is basically a $3300.00 BANDAID and temporary. When the cornea unclouds the Dr needs to do ANOTHER surgery to save the sight and relieve the pain/pressure, which is scheduled for July 30th...this surgery will be an additional $3500.00 and that is with the discount i begged the Dr for!! Sophie is currently is on 10 different types of eyedrops every 2 hours as well as painkillers, antibiotics and prednisone, all which are very expensive. Because she needs round the clock care, I haven't been to work. ( As of 7/16, the eye drop regimen has been lightened so I could go back to work, HOWEVER, when the next surgery happens we are back to every 2 hour drops :(
I am BEGGING anyone reading this for help. Any amount we would be grateful for and brings us closer to getting her help. This eye surgeon will not do anything until payments are made. I am completely tapped out as I used my rent/bill money to get her this 2nd surgery. I am already trying to figure out that let alone figure out how to get the NEXT surgery which is imperative for her sight!!
I was hoping to have the DR set up a way for people to donate to Sophie's surgery directly but, the Dr isnt interested in dealing with it. 
If you can't donated could you PLEASE share her story on your Facebook pages? The more eye's that see this increases Sophie's chances of getting help.
Thank you all for reading this and if nothing else, PLEASE PRAY for Sophie and I for getting help.
Feel free to call the eye surgeons office to verify Sophie's story and needs. 239-948-3937

** as of 10/12/15 - medications alone have cost over $2000.00. YES, TWO THOUSAND.....

8/1/2016 - ANOTHER SURGERY in her left eye. Her blood pressure went up, which in turn caused her eye pressure to shoot up requiring another surgery! This will make 4 in the left and one in the right! The Dr warned that although she has done 4 surgeries in the same eye hundreds of times that only 4 time has the sight remained. As of her latest recheck visit 9/23/16 Sophie became #5 and still has her sight!!!!

8/1/2017 - One year later, STILL sighted!! So Blessed!!

Sophie's medical bills continue to grow with each surgery, ER visits, recheck visit and daily medications. Her total medical bills as of 6/28/2018 is just over $28,000.00 ( 28 THOUSAND) 

In the beginning 
Sept 2013

Where her story began in 2008 and when I 1st adopted her in 2013


1st sign of trouble
Nov 2014

Sudden onset glaucoma knocks on our door


Glaucoma always rings twice July 2015

Already blinded by it in her right eye, it strikes her left eye. Now the race is on to keep her left eye

Still to come.....

Info will be added here as it comes