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1st sign of trouble...

In the beginning 
Sept 2013

Where her story began in 2008 and when I 1st adopted her in 2013


1st sign of trouble
Nov 2014

Sudden onset glaucoma knocks on our door


Glaucoma always rings twice
July 2015

Already blinded by it in her right eye, it strikes her left eye. Now the race is on to keep her left eye

Still to come.....

Info will be added here as it comes

1st sign of trouble...​​November 2014
Sophie is only 6, her eye suddenly freaked out so I ran her to the ER.

She was diagnosed with sudden-onset glaucoma in her RIGHT eye. 
The Ophthalmologist says the only hope of trying to save the eyesight and more importantly, relieve the extremely painful pressure in her eye is with an very expensive laser surgery. 
The pain from the pressure a dog feel with glaucoma is likened to a migraine for us. In addition to the surgery, she will need to be on 6 different eye drops - a total of 26 a day. The doctor said that eventually this can affect her good eye and she may need a surgery in that one too but, with the drops it can hopefully be staved off. I would have never guessed something like this would be put in our path and most people probably can't afford these treatments in general, let alone when it pops up out of nowhere.
When I adopted Sophie last year, she had been rescued from a horrible situation of neglect. 
She became paralyzed from IVDD and her owner basically just gave up on her. When she came to me, she was skin and bones and nearly starved to death. Probably because without a wheelchair, she was left to drag herself around. Dragging causes her to pee and poop, so I guess he thought if he didnt feed/water her a lot, she won't pee and poop often. 
He apparently crated her while he worked and slept to avoid her getting around and him having to clean up. Instead he left her sitting in her own "stuff" to the point of her having severe feces/urine burns all over her stomach, legs, tail and hiney. She had a major staph infection and frankly, when I picked her up, I wondered if she'd make it through the ride home, let alone, the night and to my vets office the next day. How anyone can have a dog for 5 years and just treat her that way is beyond me!! She was scared, sick from infection and depressed. I nursed her back to health, got her fattened up and she has a wheelchair. I have another dog, Poncho, who is also in a wheelchair that I rescued 8 years ago. Poncho had been run over, paralyzed and left for dead. When no one came forward to say he was theirs, I took him in. He and Sophie LOVE each other very much.
My heart is breaking for her, she has already had such a tough time and to now face blindness and pain.....it's so unfair.