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About our Momma...

She has been a dog lover since childhood.

In her teenage years, she discovered the special connection she has with and for dogs. As an adult, she has rescued, saved and re-homed many dogs but, there were 15 of us she couldn't part with.

She has always been able to care for us on her own, mainly due to our fantastic (regular) Veterinarian "DR".  Since 1986, he always works with her so she can help dogs like us. Unfortunately, "DR" isn't an eye specialist and can't do my eye surgeries which has left us in a bit of a pickle. The eye doctor doesn't do any types of payment plans and is VERY, VERY expensive. Momma has run out of savings/loans/favors and options, which is why we had to start a fundraising page with YouCaring.com and this fabulous raffle to offset and cover all my surgeries and medications. Just since July 6th, Momma has had to spend over $1800.00 for my eye drops!!(as of Sept 2015) Imagine adding that to the ER bills, time lost at work because of my aftercare need of every 2 hour drops, PLUS the cost of 3 surgeries for my left eye. The surgeries average 3 THOUSAND EACH! And all that is just what I  need. Some of my siblings also have medical needs that many people can't or just won't deal with, so she adopts and loves us. In 2006 she adopted Poncho, who had been run over, paralyzed and left for dead. No one ever tried to look for him and even though he was on "DR's" local TV show, all 3 of our local TV News stations AND in our local paper, no one claimed to know him. After 3 weeks of caring for him as a "foster" mom, she "failed" and adopted him. That was his lucky break and because she now knew a lot about wheelie dogs, it became my lucky break too when I also needed a home.

Momma's dream is to win the lottery (or find a suitcase stuffed with millions) so she can open a NO KILL Shelter for all dogs. BUT, to specialize in dogs with special needs like Poncho, myself, the seniors, the sickly, blind and the "throwaways"

She already picked out the name, Poncho's Place, in honor of him for teaching her about dogs like us. He got here 1st so he gets to have it named after him.

She told me now she also wants to start a charity in my name:

Sophies Salvation ~ for dogs in need.

Since this has happened to me, she has found out that although there are many "assistance" programs out there, most are either on years long waiting lists, will only help with life threatening cases or are breed/illness/state/city specific among many other restrictions. Its pretty sad.

So Momma is trying everything she can to raise this money for me, 

including begging....hence all this. 

To verify Sophie's eye needs

feel free to contact her eye surgeons office

​Dr Warren 239-948-3937